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Thanks for visiting.

So you want to get to know the Zeph huh? Well first things first, I've got to let you know about my past before you can know me in my current state. First lets size it up with some stats.


Height 5'9" - 175 cm
Weight 170 lbs. - 77 kg
Gamer Status Former Pro, Now Casual
Graphic Design Skills Adobe Master Design Specialist Certified
Likes Anime, Video Games, Movies, Books, TV, Art, Photography, Mt. Dew, Cooking, Digital Art, Camping, Martial Arts
Dislikes Stupidity, Most Sports, Driving for no reason, Wasting Time
Relationship Status In Relationship :D (love ya sweetie)
Current Work Status I'M ON FIRE!!!!

Education Level

Bachelors Degree:

Oklahoma State University

Major: Art History

Stillwater, OK

December 2011
Associates Degree:

Tulsa Community College

Major: Liberal Arts


December 2008
High School Diploma:

North Dakota Division of Independent Study

Fargo, ND

June 2004


Adobe Master Design Certified

In the Beginning

I have always enjoyed drawing and playing Video Games. I have my father to thank for that one. He introduced me to games at a very young age and I pretty much grew up with them. The drawing just came naturally. However I saw the field of Computer Science, Research and Development, and Medicine to be a more logical choice. After all, Artists starve.

I grew up in many locations including Colorado, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma diversifying my interests and broadening my knowledge. In the fourth grade I knew I wanted to be a scientist. But drawing and art always loomed in the back of my mind. I also had the knack for absorbing information. I constantly watched TV that gave me the information that I sought.

In the late 90's we bought and ran a Video Game Exchange for a total of 4 years. It was an invaluable experience that I won't ever forget. I learned many things, and one was that I wanted to become a Pro-Gamer.

Zeph's Rise to Pro-Gaming

This was my time of pro gaming. I went to a few tournaments to start and became obsessed with them. I ranged in tournaments form racing all the way to Shoot-em-Ups spending well over 40 hours per week training. Due to my infamy and status during this time I gained the nickname "The Crimson Tide". I decided it was time to move on to a concurrent goal. Game Grid was my first business to be run on my own. It was essentially my call on the world. I learned many things in the process.

Salaried Zeph

As we all know, "all good things must come to an end". Game Grid ended as a viable option for me and so I began to work for corporate America. My computer skills came in handy and I rose quickly in the workforce. I reached my peak salary while working at Bank of Oklahoma and Williams and Williams Auctions. However I quickly found how fast Corporations can turn on you and at the same time found I enjoyed working with Graphics.


I ran a monthly Gaming and Anime convention called GridCon for two and a half years. during this period of time I coined the phrase:


This Phrase caused many to apply this to their lives as well as video games. I loved GridCon not for what I got out of it but what the people had come together to help me do. However it was very taxing mentally and physically and was regularly falling ill. Yet another chapter of my life finally came to close.

After that I have fallen back into a casual gamer status as I find myself happy and content just playing the games instead of running a convention. Many of my Covenant Members, learning from GridCon's example, moved on to run their own gaming groups and conventions.

Back to School

I went back to school and earned my Associates in Liberal arts as well as an Adobe Master Design Specialist Certification at Tulsa Community College After I had earned that degree I went on to pursue my degree through OSU in graphic design. Both the teachers and myself were finding that I was not finding what I needed in graphic design due to the advanced nature of my designs and work. I then found Art History. Through Art History I was able to add historical context to my work. Now that I have completed my Bachelors what is next for Zeph?

I am currently looking at schools to pursue a masters and eventually a doctoral program. In the meantime I would like to Instruct at the junior college level.

What does the future hold?

I generally ask that of myself every day and really haven't found an answer for that yet. Will I become a teacher? The answer to that is most likely. Will I be a Web Developer? That's what I'm doing now. Will I become a Game Developer? I am currently working with a team on a game called Orphion Online. Who knows what the future holds, but I look forward to what it can reveal.

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